Q: What's the difference between the standard 38mm X 50mm framing and optional upgraded 63mm X 38mm framing?

A: As you can see from the images below, the upgraded 63X38mm framing is thicker and stronger than the standard 38X50mm specification. This makes it a good choice for larger buildings, or those that will be subjected to additional stresses and strains. 

Standard 38X50mm framing

Optional 38X63mm framing


Q: What is T&G (tongue and groove) cladding?

A: In tongue and groove cladding, each board has a slot cut into one edge (the groove), and a ridge (the tongue) on the opposite edge. When the boards are joined, the tongue fits into the groove to give a continuous, flat surface.

Q: What is loglap cladding?

A:Loglap cladding boards fit together in the same way as T&G boards, but instead of being flat the loglap boards are rounded, making them thicker and stronger than standard T&G boards. We offer loglap cladding as an optional upgrade from T&G.

Tongue & Groove



 Q: What is your roof covering?

A: We use a polyester roof felt. We also optionally use EPDM rubber, which carries a 25yr warranty. POA.